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Friday, 26 June 2009

A live blog post for once!

I'm back on the coast and have managed to snatch a few minutes of
ludicrously slow internet access to upload the previous three blog
posts (I also have one for Feminazery which is annoyingly still on my
laptop, I'll see if I can bring it over later) for you to enjoy from
the comfort of your cool, clean living rooms. I've survived my first
two weeks in Walikunda, though it's been tough and rather frustrating
as nothing has really worked properly yet, making me wonder what
exactly I'm up there getting hot and uncomfortable for. But I'm
hoping things'll start coming together next week when I go back.

The biggest blow has been that I've lost my fieldworker, Samuel L, who
has been recalled to another project. Not only has he been invaluable
for identification work he's also been my interpretor, general fixer
and resolver of staff issues and I'm not entirely sure how well I'll
manage without him - he is without question the most diligent,
reliable member of local staff that I've encountered out here. I have
been assigned another fieldworker who I'll meet on Monday, if he's a
third as good I'd be satisfied

The drive down yesterday was pretty hard, with long delays crossing
the river and difficult driving across flooded roads. I've given my
driver the wekend off to recover, and I think I think I need a weekend
to recover myself. Fortunately my beloved arrives later this
afternoon, so I've booked us into a posh hotel (Fajara Golf
Apartments) and hang the expense (although I did feel bad spending the
money after spending most of the drive explaining to one of the other
fieldworkers that I couldn't afford to pay for his flight to the UK).
To be honest I have mixed feelings about bringing him over here - I
miss him like crazy and am so desperately keen to see him, but feel
bad that I'm dragging him up for two weeks in a humid, spider-infested
(not his favourite creature) mudhut. Still, we'll have fun being
tourists this weekend - I'm hoping to take him to see the sacred
crocodile pools, and plan to spend a lot of time at beach bars and,
frankly, in air conditioned rooms with no clothes on.

Off to the airport to get him now. Bye! :)

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Katie said...

Boooooooo! I hope Jeff's arrival doesn't mean that you will be MIA for a while? :-) Tell him he's not allowed to stand between you and the blog.