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Saturday, 1 November 2008

Back on the GNER

Now that I've finally got the knack of operating Lou and Ting's front door key (you push it in all the way then pull it out slightly and jiggle it furiously, as the actress said to the bishop) it's time for me to head back down south where the opportunity to poke myself in the eye with a variety of sterile sampling media awaits me. Lou and Ting, thanks again for the bed, I really appreciate it and hope that not being able to wander around the house in your pants for a month wasn't too much of an ordeal, and that you didn't break too many ribs falling over my boots.


Katie said...

does GNER still exist? Thought is was the national express taking people up north these days?

Jules said...

My bad :) It is now national express, but a) I've made that journey so many times I'll always think of it as GNER and b) it makes a better pun, for those of us as likes that sort of thing

Katie said...

National express puns...
- er some reference to Divine Comedy... bu bu ba bar, bu bu ba bar
- er..wasn't there a song a while back that had S-Express in it....that kinda rhymes...kinda

Oh dear.

Beatles win and back to the day job for Katie.

I miss the GNER.