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Sunday, 10 May 2009

The essential difference

My beloved will be coming out to visit me for a few weeks and so is currently choosing his antimalarials, leading to this conversation:

'im: "What are you taking doxycycline for? Why aren't you taking Larium"

moi: "Well I looked at the side effects for both of them, and decided that the ones for doxycycline didn't seem as bad."

'im: "But you have to take them every day! You only need to take Larium once a week!"

moi: "So?"

'im: "Well you'll forget to take it if you have to take it every day, won't you?"

I look around to reassure myself that no, we don't in fact have some children I hadn't noticed and then gently point out that as a woman I have some experience in taking a little pill every day to make sure bad things don't happen. He remains unconvinced that it is possible for a human being to remember to take a daily pill. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the male contraceptive pill is doomed.

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