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Sunday, 1 February 2009

Sprog gets it

Why is science important? is an interesting blog that publishes essays by everyone from leading scientists to science students on the theme of why science matters. While one or two of them do make you realise where some of the stereotypes about scientists come from that vast majority are very inspiring. This essay was written by 12 year old Maya Hawes and published on that site.
Some People think that science is not important, that it is only about blowing up things and making potions. Yes that is some of it, but ask yourselves why do they do that? Is it for fun, for excitement or is it for knowledge? Thousands of explanations for thousands of new discoveries. And they are all to improve the human race which keeps on growing and changing with the more things we discover.
One of the main reasons why people study science is to cure people. They research the illnesses and find cures for them. Such as Cancer, some cancer medicines have been found but lots haven’t. When someone gets, for example, lung cancer, we don’t have a cure. We have to experiment on them while they are dying. There is not much else we can do. Someone I know died of lung cancer. They tried to give her a lung transplant, but she died during the operation. Lots of people think science isn’t important. But lots of scientists have saved thousands of lives. Lots of cures haven’t been found but most have.
We also do science to find out about the world around us. Not just the earth’s nature but the universe’s. Scientists have asked questions which we are desperate to find out. Are we alone in the universe? We don’t know unless we find out. That is one of the other reasons why we do science. Because we want to answer unanswered questions. A scientist might not just do science for work. They might do it because they enjoy it. They enjoy seeing people’s lives saved. They enjoy finding out about the universe. Think of all the technology that we have today. iPods, phones, computers, TVs . We wouldn’t have them without science. That is one of the wonders of science. Not many people realise that one small device in their hands could be the technology that someone has been working on for years. Think properly, would you be able to make something so genius? How can they fit so much technology inside something as big as your finger?!
All animals on the earth have evolved from something, including us. Have you ever wondered what we evolved from? We could have been the biggest dinosaur or the smallest plankton. Science can be related to history. The history of the universe, the big bang, how the earth began. Where you are, listening to all of what I’m saying, one million years ago could have been in the middle of a rainforest with dinosaurs surrounding you. So I suppose that this is the end of all I have told you. And I want you to know that science is important. Maybe one of the most important things in the world.
Scientists will always be finding things out, every second. Not just scientists, you will too. And because of that, the human race will always be changing, for better or for worse. I hope you have enjoyed this piece of writing and that you will always remember how science is so important.

What I like so much about this essay is that she doesn't just talk about science as a means to an end, although as she says cures for diseases and new technologies are important, but also realises that awe at the wonder of it all can be a reason to study science in itself.

Good one Maya. Please don't grow up to be an HR manager.

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