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Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Importing live insects into the UK; the saga continues

I still need to get some Musca autumnalis sent over from the States, now also want some Musca vetustissima from Australia and will soon have to start thinking about how I'll get my little Sorbens over from The Gambia, and I still haven't managed to find a shipping company that'll take them. So apologies for the very boring post, but I thought I'd put up a list of shipping companies that will NOT import live insects into the UK, just to save anyone else who might be googling for an import company a lot of time, phonecalls and frustration.

The following companies do not transport insects:

  • DHL

  • UPS

  • JAS International Freight

  • GAC Logistics

  • James Cargo

  • Norman Global Logistics

I'm not quite surre where to go from here - I even tried calling the people who make toffee scorpions to ask who shipped their scorpions, but rather amusingly they wouldn't tell me in case I was a competitor!

Strangely, so far my best leads have come from animal rights campaigning websites posting lists of companies to campaign against because they ship laboratory animals. Umm, thanks guys.

*Update* Ok, I managed to find a pet import comapany that would take them, but they quoted $5,000 for the service which is slightly beyond my budget! If I had that sort of money I'd fly over first class and pick them up myself, possibly smuggling them home in my tousers. I've run out of ideas now, and am trying the Bad Science Forum as a last resort. Suggestions? Anyone? Please?????

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