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Monday, 5 January 2009

Guide to easing yourself back into work mode gently

  1. The Saturday before you go back try to wake up at commuting o'clock. Fail.
  2. Repeat on the Sunday before you go back. Fail. (In my case, turn off the alarm and overshoot by six hours)
  3. Somehow manage to get out of bed on Monday. Walk into wall. Discover it's snowing. Discover the price of a season ticket has gone up. Reward yourself for surviving this far with a cup of coffee. Discover the coffee shack next to Harpenden station makes lousy coffee.
  4. Waste half an hour deleting emails from beautiful Nataliana who wishes to do me acquaintance.
  5. Check gmail.
  6. Check facebook.
  7. Mess about on Badscience for a bit. Convince yourself this counts as work.
  8. Check facebook again.
  9. Realise you have two days to get your fieldwork proposal into an acceptable form to submit for ethical approval.
  10. Panic. Then go on blogger to try and ignore it.

Happy New Year all.

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