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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Oh dear

I've just put this picture in my fieldwork plan.Hmm...


Imogen said...

Baking tray with steaming hot treacle cakes, arrow indicating where to add sugar sprinkles? No, sadly, I guess not, for this is Julieland... Have you had any luck yet with sourcing a supply of organic cow pat and a fly colony? Sent you a picture of a wonderful caterpillar this morning, by the way. Take care and see you around!

Jules said...

I'll never look at treacle cake in quite the same way again... I found someone who had a colony in 2004, but unfortunately they're all dead now so he's trying to remember where he got them from. My supervisor's still hunting for organic cows to show horror movies to, but I have at least managed to find some sterile sponges