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Monday, 17 December 2012

Wshing you all a creepy crawly Christmas!

And here's a suggestion for a last minute educational Christmas present for kids and adults who think they're kids: an Incredible Arthropods colouring book from The Bug Chicks:

There's still just about time to order it in the US or UK and it's guaranteed educational, doesn't require batteries and doesn't make an annoying noise.

It's also available as a digital download, allowing you to print the pictures on transparencies and stick them on your window - if you colour them with Sharpies they looks like stained glass when the sun shines in and scare your naighbours after dark when the light shines out.

Why yes, London is cold, grey and miserable
If you don't have access to transparencies you can also make cool stained glass by tracing the pictures onto greaseproof paper,  or make shrinkable art to make jewellery or button badges by tracing the pictures onto food containers then cutting them out and baking them in the oven. Do make sure you use the right type of plastic though, you want number 6.

Happy Christmas!

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