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Friday, 27 March 2009

Tweetness and light

As you may have noticed, a box has appeared at the top of my blog featuring a choice selection of my slightly dafter witterings. This is because I've signed up to Twitter, and while I realise that signing myself up to yet another social networking site and expecting myself to anything productive is roughly the equivalent of chucking Super Hans a big bag of crack and telling him to exercise self control there is actually a very good reason for this. It turns out that there is mobile reception in Walikunda (a rather charming article in a local paper which I've unfortunately lost boasts that it is no longer necessary to climb trees to make calls) and as I'll be getting a local phone but won't be able to afford to send too many texts Twitter looks like quite a good way of reassuring a lot of people at once of my continued possession of both a phone and a pulse. I realise that it is a slightly risky strategy to rely on third world communications infrastructure and a social networking site that apparently doesn't have any way of making money to stay in touch, but at the moment it's the best idea I've got.

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